KORTUC’s clinical research result of unresectable recurrent uterine cervical cancer will be presented at ABS Annual Conference in Denver

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The result of a clinical research of KORTUC for the treatment of recurrent uterine cervical cancer at Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University in Japan is to be presented at the Annual Conference of ABS (American Brachytherapy Society) on 19th June 2022.


The clinical research focused on 15 patients with unresectable recurrent uterine cervical cancer patients who face high risk of poor prognosis and received KORTUC therapy with brachytherapy.


This result encourages the outcome of our planned clinical trial on locally advanced cervical cancer.


ABS is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide insight and research into the use of brachytherapy in malignant and benign conditions. The organization consists of approximately 1,500 physicists, physicians, and the Annual Conference is back after 2 years of virtual events.


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