Our challenge to solve the most fundamental issue

The challenge for radiotherapy

Radiotherapy has been established as a cancer treatment in addition to surgery and chemotherapy and applied to approximately 60% of newly diagnosed cancer patients every year globally.

However, when the tumor enlarges, the environment inside the tumor becomes hypoxic and anti-oxidative enzyme increases, making radiotherapy less effective. This has been a fundamental problem of radiotherapy and cancer treatment and never solved for long time.

Our solution

To prevent the tumor environment from becoming resistant to radiotherapy, we have found a way to eliminate the hypoxia by injecting hydrogen peroxide straight into the tumor before the performance of radiotherapy.

The solution has been used to treat more than 1,000 patients in Japan in investigator initiated clinical researches.
The treatment has shown significant effect on hypoxic tumors in the breast, lung, bones, soft tissue, urological system, etc. No major safety concern were reported.

Our product

Injection of H2O2 which is chemically unstable agent requires special management and care at clinical site. In addition, in order for H2O2 to stay in the tumor to function, simultaneous injection of sodium hyaluronate to add viscosity is required. We have developed a prefilled injection device kit that enables hydrogen peroxide and sodium hyaluronate to be combined in an appropriate ratio at the timing of injection.
The injection device kit is designed for use in the field of cancer treatment. It‘s simple, user-centric design allows easy administration by radiation oncologists without any special training. Our transforming solution can potentially change the standards for cancer treatments.


We are planning to launch the first product in 2028 -2029 in the US & EU markets