A novel radiosensitiser for cancer radiotherapy

“To learn about the on-going clinical trial at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London and other hospitals in UK for Locally Advanced Breast Cancer, VISIT the Cancer Research UK website”


This technology is a radiosensitizer and safely improves the effectiveness of radiation therapy. It is expected to solve the longtime fundamental problem the radiation therapy has, which is it does not work well for large sized tumor.

More than 1,000 patients with various solid tumors have been treated by the radiation therapy with KORTUC added-on as investigator initiated clinical research in Japan. Currently, the GCP based clinical trial is underway in the UK with the leadership of Institute of Cancer Research. The Phase 1 trial finished and its outcome has been published online on the Red Journal. The Phase 2 trial for locally advanced breast cancer is on-going.

1) Radiation Therapy for Treatment of Solid Tumor
2) Mechanism of Radiation Therapy and the Problem of RT Resistance
3) Rationale for KORTUC, Radiosensitizer
4) References


KORTUC technology is not yet approved by a regulatory authority in any country.
The GCP based clinical trial for KORTUC technology is underway in the United Kingdom at several hospitals led by the Royal Marsden Hospital in London. The description of the ongoing Phase 2 trial for locally advanced breast cancer can be found in the ClinicalTrials.gov website.
The outcome of the Phase 1 trial was published online on the Red Journal on June 21, 2020.

We believe that KORTUC, radiosensitizer, can be applied to any type of solid tumor for which radiation therapy is indicated.  We will conduct clinical trials to make its indication much broader and to make it available globally.