The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) will present the preliminary results of clinical translational research in ongoing phase II study at ESTRO 2024.

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A pivotal Phase II randomized study of KORTUC for locally advanced / recurrent breast cancer is ongoing under the leadership of the ICR in UK.
Preliminary clinical translational results (blinded to treatment allocation) from KRC-01 (KORTUC) phase II study will be presented at annual meeting of ESTRO (European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology) held in May 2024.

In this translational research, Super Resolution Ultrasound (SRUS) testing and gene expression profiling analyses of tumor tissues from the patients were investigated. Preliminary results have shown interesting associations between radiation response and angiogenesis and immune / inflammatory pathways, including changes in tumor microvasculature following radiotherapy.

Further information can be found below:
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