KORTUC announces Red Journal publication of a Phase 1 study demonstrating a reliable safety profile and, as a secondary endpoint, an excellent tumor response which is likely to be confirmed in an ongoing pivotal Phase 2 study

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KORTUC is delighted to announce that the manuscript describing a successful Phase 1 study was accepted by the Red Journal (International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics).


Among 12 patients with locally advanced breast cancer, no severe adverse event was identified, and other events were comparable to those for standard radiotherapy (RT) alone. The manuscript concluded that Kortuc is safe and well tolerated. Moreover, tumor response, as a secondary endpoint, indicated Kortuc’s overwhelming performance in combination with RT, with tumor volume shrinking between 50% and 100% by the last imaging assessment and all evaluable patients in the study maintaining locoregional control in the irradiated target lesion at the last clinical follow-up.


KORTUC has started its Pivotal Phase 2 study led by the Institute of Cancer Research, ICR) with the Royal Marsden Hospital and other major cancer centers across the UK.


KORTUC is developing the first ever proprietary technology to counter hypoxia – a common problem that for decades has blunted the efficacy of radiation therapy for cancer. The technology has a high safety/efficacy profile as demonstrated by this study and by more than 1,000 clinical cases in Japan.


Through this technology platform, KORTUC will greatly improve radiation therapy globally for most solid cancers.


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