Results showing high efficacy and tolerable safety of Kortuc in several radioresistant cancer types were published in Molecular and Clinical Oncology. This shows KORTUC has potential to treat various types of cancer that are radioresistant

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Results of the clinical use of Kortuc was published in the journal, Molecular and Clinical Oncology by Dr. Shiro Obata, Director of the Radiology and Radiotherapy Department, Nagasaki Prefectural Shimabara Hospital.

During ten years of clinical use, Kortuc was administered to 210 cancer patients, most of whom were in late stage (Stage 4: 65%) and resistant to radiotherapy (RT) or other standard treatments.

Among the 186 patients who were followed-up, 15% showed a complete response (CR) and 32% a partial response. Among these cases, the publication highlights four cases of patients who failed conventional therapy but have maintained CR following Kortuc+RT.

KORTUC Inc. is delighted to announce this strong result that suggests a likely positive outcome of the current registration Phase 2 study with the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and multiple cancer centers across the UK. Moreover, it shows the potential of KORTUC to be a useful therapy for various cancer types, not only the indications for which the Company is currently undertaking or planning clinical trials in the UK and US, but also other tumors resistant to standard therapies.


KORTUS Inc. obtains the first ever technology to resolve Hypoxia – a well-known problem for cancer treatment for decades – which has high safety profile through more than 1,000 clinical cases in Japan and Phase 1 study at Royal Marsden Hospital of ICR in the UK.


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